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Welcome to Ambassadors

Ambassadors are student volunteers working to increase the number of African American students attending Northwestern.

By promoting Northwestern University to prospective African American students, Ambassadors increase the number of qualified students who apply and are eventually accepted into the University. Through our interaction with prospective students, Ambassadors personalize the University and contribute to the diversity of the broader Northwestern community.

Why Northwestern?

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Northwestern offers outstanding academic opportunities, an ideal location and a safe, vibrant campus community.

Northwestern University prides itself on providing its students with a diverse and culturally vibrant atmosphere. This is a community that understands the value and impact diversity has on a student's social and educational well-being. Northwestern is committed to cultivating an environment comprised of people from various races, ethnicities, cultures, economic standings, and geographical locations.

Connect with Ambassadors

For Current Students

Ambassadors volunteers are a critical factor in the recruitment of African American students.

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