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International Aid Application Instructions

How to apply, step by step

Applying for financial aid shouldn't be complicated.

We've broken down the process into three basic steps. 

1. Indicate your status.

When completing the application for admission, be sure to indicate that you are requesting consideration for financial aid by checking “yes” in the financial aid interest box. International candidates seeking financial aid are evaluated in a need-aware manner. This means that the admission committee takes into consideration if you are applying for financial aid and your application will be reviewed in a more competitive process.

If you did not initially check this box you must contact to change your designation prior to the appropriate Early/Regular Decision deadline.

2. Complete and submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.

The College Scholarship Service PROFILE is completed and submitted online through The College Board website. Northwestern's PROFILE code is 1565.

If you cannot submit the PROFILE from your country or if submission of the PROFILE would cause significant financial hardship for your family, please complete the International Student Aid Application and submit the completed form via email to

Applicants submitting the International Student Aid Application may be required to submit additional documentation and will be notified directly.


Deadline for Early Decision applicants: December 1 (submit as early as October 1)
Deadline for Regular Decision applicants: February 15 (submit as early as October 1)

3. Complete and submit federal tax forms.

Once you have filed the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE you will submit a copy of your parents' national tax forms from the most recent tax year, OR, if your country does not have an annual tax form, an official statement/letter of earnings from each parent's employer verifying income with official signatures and/or seals.

All tax or earnings documents require official translation into English (if converted to U.S. dollars, the conversion rate must be indicated) and mailed to our office.

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid will also accept scanned documents (PDF preferred) sent by e-mail to Please indicate "International Tax Document" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Deadline for Early Decision applicants: December 1
Deadline for Regular Decision applicants: February 15

Award notification

For students meeting the deadline for their application plan, financial aid award notification will be sent with or soon after your acceptance letter. This allows you to make an informed decision about Northwestern with full knowledge of the financial commitment necessary from your family. Northwestern issues four-year aid awards for international applicants in order to ensure a student will begin knowing how to plan financially for all four years of undergraduate studies.

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