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Meet Global Wildcats

The Global Wildcats are international student volunteers available to answer your questions about life at Northwestern.

The Global Wildcat Coordinators can connect you with the right person, who might be from your home country or match your interests in other ways. Please contact the coordinators at to connect with a Global Wildcat via email or to schedule a Skype appointment.

Global Wildcat Coordinators

Martin HerrmannMartin Herrmann 

Studying: Global Health/Eastern European Studies/Middle Eastern Studies
High School: United World College Robert Bosch
Hometown: Oelde, Germany/Nowa Cerekwia, Poland
On campus: International Student Association, Polish American Student Association
Fun Fact: I once ordered a papaya salad (which in my head sounded like a nice, fruity dessert). I subsequently almost choked on the very (!) intense spice and a crab claw that I did not expect to find.
In the future: I want to work for the European Union!

Karina PatelKarina Patel 

Studying: Theatre
High School: TASIS England, Stamford American International School
Hometown: London, England
On campus: Spectrum Theatre Company, Model UN, and various theatre productions
Fun Fact: I am in love with bubble tea (so much so that I've made it at home before!)
In the Future: Still figuring that out, but would hope to be in a creative industry (i.e., theatre, digital media, journalism, etc.)

To learn more about our students, see what a few have to say about their Northwestern experiences below:

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